Specialize in workshops and trainings for managment, staff and board retreats!


Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout! 

Sharing my near death experience at age 23 that changed the course of my life and put me on a path of healing through which I found my life purpose and passion.  

Video was taken at a speaking event in San Diego, CA! 

20 Years experience Training and Coaching people & transforming Lives!

Professional Life Coach


As a Professional Life Coach! 

I provide private sessions to professionals to beat burnout, stand in their power and achieve sustainable success/balance. 

Business Consultant


“I enjoy finding simple solutions to 

complex human issues.”

Design training programs using Emotional Intelligence principles for overall business success. 



Created a 21- Day Workbook- Includes daily activities to support you awaken the power within, live with gratitude daily, and let go of the past in order to create better relationships and  experiences in the present.  

Workbook is available for purchase. 

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Areas of Focus with Coaching Clients


Work Life Balance  

Stress and Anxiety 

Relationship conflicts or disharmony 

Job Motivation and/or career growth

Getting out of stuck state(s) 

Interpersonal Growth 

Finding your deeper passion and purpose Purposeful Communication 

Re-writing your personal script/narrative Cultivating better relationships through communication  



Goal for Employee: To empower them to gain tools to deal with daily work pressures, stressors and work relationships. 

Goal for the Business: Increased profitability, higher morale, and happy employees working in a harmonious environment. 



Member of the Glendale Sunrise Rotary Club. 

Present Educational Director at Ark Family Center

Past President and current member of Character and Ethics Project a Glendale non-profit  

Chairperson of Community Action Against Bullying Committee

Case Manager for AGBU Gennext Mentorship program

Mel the Super Coach Trailer

Just For Fun! 

My Volunteer work with Ark Center!

Hear all the testimonials of CFA participants from Ark Family Center!  This is the seminar created by Dr. K. that  I participated in my early 20's that supported me to breakthrough my limitations and re-write my narrative/story!  These are all participants from the seminars I have facilitated.