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"Melina presents information in a way you never thought about it before, using personal stories and encouraging everyone present to share and participate. I've never had such resounding approval and enthusiasm from our staff as I did about Melina's Emotional Intelligence Training.  I highly recommend Melina and her Workshops."
                  Aarin Edwards, MPA Director, CalWORKs Parents ProgramGlendale Community College

"Melina Sardar is a powerful influencer who leads by example . Her genuine care and passion to facilitate growth and transformation in her clients is undeniable. As a client , I have broken through hurtles and obstacles that had held me hostage for years in the short amount of time of working with her as my coach . I am forever grateful for the insights gained personally and professionally while working with Mel and submitting to her guidance and expertise while feeling empowered and in control to make the necessary shifts in my life . She is a gift."      Sarineh Y. Real Estate Professional


"Hi Melina, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to lead our workshop session and teach us valuable information about emotional intelligence that is so relevant in our lives today. I received such positive feedback from multiple members of the group, who also believed your talk was very influential and impacting."                      Shannon Rodick, Fund Development InternGlendale Arts / Alex Theatre

Mel, I've been meaning to write to you to thank you as well for the amazing retreat. Can't help but think how much would have benefitted from this last year in those dark days!  I had a very profound and deep experience. I connected to pain I consciously knew should still be there but couldn't feel. I'd been looking to unravel it and the retreat really connected me to it. It connected me to my emotions so much more and I became aware of so many things about myself. It took me days to process all the emotions and I continue to feel much more connected to myself and my emotions. And because of that I feel more loved by myself, like I'm more present for myself and in tune. The journey continues! Thank you for the space and contributions to my ever so changing and evolving experience in this life time. I truly appreciate your energy and endless support. Thank you for what you do in the this world. I'm always changed by all my interactions with you each time ... always gaining more awareness, connection and in turn more love for myself and for all. Love you ❤️and may you keep on shining like you always do ☀️ Melania A. 

"Dear Melina, Soroptimist International of Glendale would like to thank you for participating in our Dream it Be it Career support for girls conference. We appreciate your dedication and all the years of service you have provided for the youth in our community.  Providing training for emotional intelligence is not an easy task.  Neither is teaching self and relationship management during this challenging time.  By empowering our youth with the tools of self-confidence and good self-image they are learning how to positively manage relationships as well as how to set goals which  is crucial in how they will be able to move ahead into the next state of their life. We wish you continued success as you go forward with your consulting business."       Margo Bottcher and Jack Haley Co-Chairs 

Hey Mel, I’m very happy to have accomplished my goal I defiantly had a lot of hurdles I had to overcome in order to get to where I am today and I want to thank you for being there with me and supporting me through it all I’m very grateful to you and ark for pushing me through the darkness... you’re amazing the work you do is amazing and I know you'll keep touching lives the way you did mine ❤️❤️😘😘 A.Z. 

" Broken, and alone in the world as a single mother, I was thrown into shell shock from the domestic violence that had caused the destruction of my life.  I found a place that opened their doors to me and my babies offering me safety, and healing.  Part of that healing came from a course in mindful living instructed by a woman named Melina Sardar.  Melina is a personal/professional life empowerment coach and career coach.  When I took her 8 week course, I was utterly compelled and forever changed both personally and spiritually.  Not only did the course open my eyes and my mind to new and amazing ways of living and thinking, Melina herself inspire me in such a way that 4 years later I am spreading the same light and love and vulnerability that she showed up with every class.  Free from judgment and dripping at the seams with love, Melina is truly an awesome coach, mentor and teacher.  Upon completion of the course I met up with Melina at a career center she was working for at the time and being someone who was filled with shame, insecurity and distrust in the world, Melina immediately changed that by treating me with the dignity I longed to feel and gave me a sense of self worthy again.  I do not think she was nearly aware of the impact her simple but powerful attitude had on me when I walked out of those doors that day, but she is definitely a woman I will always look up to and hold in high regard for the light that shines within her and the unconditional love she spreads through her gift of presence in this world.  Thank you Melina, and may God continue to use you and prosper you in his plans for a better humanity filled with acceptance, kindness, support and mindful living where the mind connects to the heart and spells our PEACE FOR IS ALL.  Sincerely, Sarah Resident and graduate of Door of Hope from 2013-2015

"Melina Sardar is an exceptional life coach and mentor.  I've been a client of Ms. Sardar's for several years. I began seeing her after a traumatic  accident which left me with various symptoms such as post traumatic stress, guilt, fear and anxiety. After seeing various therapists and psychiatrists with no lasting results, I was referred to Ms. Sardar and she provided me with the tools and support I needed to work through my trauma, as well as realize and address other vicious cycles in my life. I was able to break free from many of my old patterns that were no longer serving my best interests, my relationships (romantic and otherwise) drastically improved and I was able to forgive myself and others for our 'shortcomings' or what I perceived to be so at the time.  This newfound freedom allowed me to love more deeply, live a fuller life, make better decisions, effectively speak my truth and be free from my past - allowing me to live in the present moment, with gratitude and a greater understanding and appreciation of who I am. Without Ms. Sardar's  support I don't know where I would be, but I imagine it wouldn't be nearly as fantastic as where I am today."                                                       Anonymous 

Dear Melina, 
On behalf of Governor Dora Zavala and the entire Camino Real Region, I offer heartfelt thanks for the time you took to deliver a most informative and productive workshop.  Not only did it meet expectations, it exceeded anything I imagined.  You, along with the other presenters and facilitators set the bar high.  It will be hard to duplicate such a successful afternoon next year.   We all appreciate you and your shared expertise. 
Hoping our paths cross again!-

                                            Ginger Cole Governor Elect Camino Real Region of Soroptimist International 

Dear Melina, I send my thanks for the professional development workshop you provided covering Emotional Intelligence.  The workshops you provided were beneficial and enlightening to the key staff at GCC and the guest from community agencies who took part in your workshop.  You did an excellent job of explaining the importance of exploring emotional intelligence on personal and professional levels.  You are a dynamic and passionate speaker with wealth of information.  Thank you, looking forward to future trainings for staff and faculty.   

                                          Dr. Alfred Ramirez Administrative Dean Glendale Community College Garfield Campus

​"Melina Sardar is a powerful influencer who leads by example . Her genuine care and passion to facilitate growth and transformation in her clients is undeniable. As a client , I have broken through hurtles and obstacles that had held me hostage for years in the short amount of time of working with her as my coach . I am forever grateful for the insights gained personally and professionally while working with Mel and submitting to her guidance and expertise while feeling empowered and in control to make the necessary shifts in my life . She is a gift."      Sarineh Y.

I am so grateful that I can come to Mel for job interview coaching.  She helps me identify key points in my life where I can improve.  She helps me identify my fears and build confidence to have a successful interview.  I am so happy to have her support at Ark.  Now I have confidence and self-esteem to walk into interviews knowing that I am worthy and that I am good enough because I am stronger now and proud of my successful life experiences that help me build up positive skills for new job opportunities. Thank you Mel                                                                    Elvia Martinez B.S.  Chemical Engineer​

"When Mel asked me to submit a testimonial I wasn't sure if I could capture all that she has done for me.  I learned about Mel through Ark Family Center, their number was listed in 211 LA directory, and I called for an appointment.  Mel is the one who called me, and I immediately could tell from her energy on the phone that I was talking to genuinely nice person.  I was in a bad place at that time in my life, too many transitions, I had just moved here from New York to pursue my acting, my girlfriend of 3 years had just broken up with me, and my job situation was very unstable.  Mel's coaching supported me to reconnect to myself, reach deep down and get connected to my strength, she believed in me when I did not, she accepted me when I could not,  she spent time to view my resume, teach me interview skills so I can get a better job. I saw Mel on weekly basis for 1.5 years and I still go back once a month or every other month for reinforcement.  I am forever grateful to you Mel for allowing me to reconnect to myself and find clarity in my life.  I am so much happier now."                                                                       Alexander K. Actor, Entrepreneur 

"Melina has been my Life Coach for seven years. She became my Coach at a time in my life when things were very challenging and I was hurting from a relationship with a close family member. In that moment of time, I felt there was no way to end the pain this person was causing me and it seemed that I was stuck in an endless cycle that would continue forever. In effect, I felt trapped. This particular relationship held me back from many of my goals. It was not a fun place to be. When I think back to those days and compare it with today, I would say I have been able to resolve this particular area in my life by about 89%. It is a work in progress and I have my coach, Mel to thank for it. Hiring Mel to be my Life Coach, was one of the best investments I made in myself. Since then, many things have changed in my life. Mel has guided me and given me many tools that have made a profound difference in my life. For one thing, I have developed the skill to set boundaries with the person who was causing me pain. In doing so, I have changed the dynamic of the relationship in my favor. I am so happy now with the way things are, I have no more anger or hate towards this person. Before, this person had a lot of power over me and could control me through manipulation and I felt taken advantage of all the time. Today, that power does not exist anymore because I have learned to not give it the same meaning as I did before. Today, I view things in a positive and healthier way. I feel in control of my relationships. I have learned to create healthy relationships and boundaries with family, friends, and co-workers. As my coach, Mel is also my role model and what I admire about her is that she is constantly growing as an individual by investing in herself. Her growth reflects in me and also each of her clients."   Shoghik Chilingarian, County of Los Angeles Employee​​